Recruitment lecture 11.15.2019

Today's case involved an older patient with multiple cardiovascular risk factors / metabolic syndrome presenting with acute onset encephalopathy. Exam was consistent with toxic-metabolic encephalopathy and after stroke was ruled out, they were diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy secondary to newly diagnosed cirrhosis which was attributed to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). They were treated with lactulose and … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 11.15.2019

Lithium Toxicity – Morning report (7/10/19)

Today we had a interesting case of lithium toxicity with normal blood levels in an elderly patient. This interesting article describes the possible mechanism for it which we mentioned this morning: "In patients taking chronically high doses, lithium will accumulate at a level in CNS tissue that induces toxicity. If subsequent doses are missed, the … Continue reading Lithium Toxicity – Morning report (7/10/19)