Recruitment lecture 12.13.2019

Today's noon conference was about a young patient with anorexia presenting with neutropenia, leukopenia and macrocytic anemia. Smear showed sideroblasts. After ruling out viral and some nutritional deficiencies, BM was considered but further history eluded to significant use of zinc lozenges which caused copper deficiency. They were treated with oral copper and counts improved. Further … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 12.13.2019

Recruitment lecture 12.09.2019

On today's conference we discussed a case of young male patient with 3 month history of nonspecific (diffuse -> RUQ) abdominal pain who presented with acute sharp epigastric abdominal pain. After ruling out life threatening causes of abdominal pain, CT abdomen + pelvis showed bulky retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy. DDx for this includes infectious (bacterial, viral including … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 12.09.2019

Recruitment lecture 12.06.2019

Today for conference we discussed a case of a young African-American patient with 2 week history of monocular painful vision loss, neuro exam was consistent with central scotoma but otherwise normal including fundoscopic exam. MRI showed optic neuritis. Vague previous symptoms led to obtaining chest CT which showed bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy - they were subsequently … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 12.06.2019

Recruitment lecture 11.22.2019

Today's noon conference was about a patient with history of smoking presenting with 3 month history of dizziness, nystagmus and myoclonic jerks. On exam they had opsoclonus and rotational nystagmus - consistent with opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome. A rare paraneoplastic syndrome found in some cases of SCLC. We also discussed approached to dizziness and nystagmus. More … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 11.22.2019

Recruitment lecture 11.18.2019

Today's case was about an older patient with urothelial carcinoma on pembrolizumab (PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor) presenting with nausea, vomiting and decreased PO intake. DDx was complicated by the fact that they had CKD 5 not on dialysis (with acute mild worsening of his AKI) but they were ultimately diagnosed with PD-1 induced hypophysitis - rare … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 11.18.2019