Recruitment lecture 01.13.20

Today for conference we discussed a case of a young patient presenting with SOB and hemoptysis. On initial labs found to have creatinine of 14. We discussed pulmonary-renal syndromes (and other reasons for a young patient with kidney disease to present with respiratory failure). Subsequent evaluation after normal complement, ANCA and GBM included renal biopsy … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 01.13.20

Recruitment lecture 01.10.20

Today for conference we presented a young patient with fever and sore throat who developed pleuritic chest pain and dyspnea, on chest imaging they had bilateral pulmonary abscesses. After discussing the differential for pulmonary abscesses (not only infectious) we discussed red flags in patients with sore throat (airway, deep cervical and chest symptoms). After blood … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 01.10.20

Recruitment lecture 01.06.20

Today for conference we presented a case of a patient on polypharmacy presenting with diffuse targetoid rash involving palms, after discussing DDx for rashes involving palms the patient developed mucositis and some of their papules developed into vesicles triggering a diagnosis of Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) which was confirmed by biopsy. We also discussed care of … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 01.06.20

Recruitment lecture 12.20.19

Today we had a case of autoimmune encephalitis, in a patient with a recent viral illness presenting with refractory status. Although ruling out infectious causes of encephalitis is imperative, do not forget autoimmune encephalitis, the most characterized of which is anti-NMDA. There are many other antibodies and autoimmune encephalitis syndromes, but acute behavioral changes, seizures, … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 12.20.19

Recruitment lecture 12.16.2019

Today at conference we presented a elderly patient with history of aortic dissection presenting with weight loss and fever without other localizing symptoms. Exam revealed hepatosplenomegaly. Extensive workup for infectious, inflammatory and neoplastic etiologies showed pancytopenia, transaminitis, hepatosplenomegaly with some increased FDG uptake on PET CT and reactive changes on BM with noncaseating granulomas. Further … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 12.16.2019