Recruitment lecture 11.04.2019

Today we presented a patient with menorrhagia and bruising concerning for primary homeostasis problem (=PLATELETS). We discussed different symptoms of primary vs secondary homeostasis. She was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and treated with ATRA and Arsenic Trioxide (ATO). Take home points: Identify differences in presentation of thrombocytopenia versus coagulation disorders Recognize causes of thrombocytopenia … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 11.04.2019

Recruitment lecture 11.01.2019

Today's lecture was about a patient with EtOH abuse presenting with dyspnea, leg pain. POCUS that was performed secondary to low BP showed large pericardial effusion. Physiology of tamponade was discussed including physical exam (with live demonstration with audience participation!) and echo findings. Laboratory workup and pericardiocentesis (which yielded bloody pericardial fluid) did not reveal … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 11.01.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.28.2019

Today at conference we discussed a case of previously healthy patient presenting with fever, myalgias and RUQ tenderness after trip to Vietnam. They subsequently also had high degree AV block concerning for cardiac involvement. They were treated empirically with Doxycycline and improved, ultimately diagnosed with Leptospirosis which was acquired by exposure of non intact skin … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.28.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.21.2019

Today we discussed a case of a young male patient from central america presenting with CKD. He was diagnosed with Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN) / CKD of unknown cause (CKDu) - a very prevalent disease in central america, especially in communities of young agricultural workers. Take home points: Recognize the important features which can distinguish acute … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.21.2019