Abdominal Pain and Hypercoagulability – Morning Report 7.24.19

Today at Morning Report we discussed a patient who had a family history of thrombotic events, presenting with acute onset and worsening abdominal pain and later found to have superior mesenteric vein and portal vein thrombosis. Remember, acute mesenteric vein thrombosis presents similar to other mesenteric ischemias with non-specific central, peri-umbilical abdominal pain, classically described … Continue reading Abdominal Pain and Hypercoagulability – Morning Report 7.24.19

Heat stroke

Today on our monthly clinical reasoning and physiologic mechanisms of disease lecture we discussed a case of classic heat stroke. These great articles about serotonin syndrome (nejmra041867) and heat stroke (nejmra1810762) were quoted and are both a highly recommended read!

Lithium Toxicity – Morning report (7/10/19)

Today we had a interesting case of lithium toxicity with normal blood levels in an elderly patient. This interesting article describes the possible mechanism for it which we mentioned this morning: "In patients taking chronically high doses, lithium will accumulate at a level in CNS tissue that induces toxicity. If subsequent doses are missed, the … Continue reading Lithium Toxicity – Morning report (7/10/19)