Recruitment lecture 10.21.2019

Today we discussed a case of a young male patient from central america presenting with CKD. He was diagnosed with Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN) / CKD of unknown cause (CKDu) - a very prevalent disease in central america, especially in communities of young agricultural workers. Take home points: Recognize the important features which can distinguish acute … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.21.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.18.2019

Today we talked about a young patient with subacute onset of small-volume hemoptysis and SOB. She was found to have lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a type of cystic lung disease which is associated with tuberous sclerosis complex. Teaching points from today: Know how to recognize symptoms, DDx and management of life threatening hemoptysis Hemoptysis – think ABCs … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.18.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.14.2019

Today at conference we had a patient presenting with ascites. Most ascites cases are from portal hypertension but 10% are from malignancy. They were found to have Burkitt's lymphoma, a rare form of highly aggressive lymphoma. Teaching points: Remember that ascites is not always secondary to portal hypertension from cirrhosis. It usually is. But not always … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.14.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.11.2019

Today we had a patient with unremarkable PMH presenting with jaundice. LFTs were in the 1000s, a clinical scenario with limited DDx. They ultimately had liver biopsy and diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. Take home points: Pale/grey stools and dark urine are associated with conjugated (and not unconjugated) hyperbilirubinemia with narrower DDx AST/ALT > 1,000 has … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.11.2019

Recruitment lecture 10.7.2019

First recruitment day! today had a case of non resolving pneumonia in a healthy young patient, which was ultimately diagnosed with blastomycosis. Take home points from today: Recognize delayed resolution of pneumonia Have a systematic differential diagnosis based on etiology, host, complications and noninfectious etiologies Recognize the difference in geographic, clinical and laboratory presentation of endemic … Continue reading Recruitment lecture 10.7.2019

Morning report 9/18, IgA vasculitis

Interesting morning report today about IgA vasculitis secondary to MRSA bacteremia. This is a nice review about IgA vasculitis: some interesting points: classic tetrad of HSP – GI symptoms / abdominal pain, histopathylogy, arthralgias and renal involvement. In adults renal involvement more severe than in children and more end up needing RRT. In adults … Continue reading Morning report 9/18, IgA vasculitis